We are not discussing a 1 kg dumbbell and aerobic exercise, but weight training using a dumbbell. This one tool has several advantages compared to the barbell. In fact, your target muscle mass and strength can be achieved with this dumbbell. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a reliable supplement for muscle, the sarms ostarine can be a good one for you to try.

Here are some of the benefits of dumbbell exercise that make it worth putting into your workout routine that we’re going to share with you right now.

1. Stabilization and Activation

A study comparing EMG activity on the chest, triceps, and biceps when performing barbell bench press, smith machine bench press, and dumbbell bench press motions. Dumbbell and barbell bench press have similarities in the activity of the chest and triceps.

Meanwhile, the activity of the biceps is much higher when using dumbbells. This is because dumbbells require higher stabilization, so they can activate more muscle fibers.

2. Getting Rid of Strength imbalance

Dumbbell forces your limbs to move unilaterally. When one side is much weaker, then he can not run or hide. Since the load cannot be compensated to the other side, dumbbells are very effective at removing power imbalances.

3. Security

Failure to do heavy barbell squats or bench press without being accompanied by spotter can make your body crushed barbell. This will not happen at all with a dumbbell because you can drop it safely so fail to rep.

4. Extreme Intensity Technique

Exercise techniques such as rest-pause and drop sets are more manageable and even become commonplace for single trainers with dumbbells. The rack and run technique can only be done on dumbbell exercises. High-intensity techniques are usually avoided on barbell exercises without the spotter, while on dumbbell instead.

5. Increase Range of Motion

One of the most effective ways to get overloaded muscles for the purpose of strength and muscle formation is to increase the range of movement. The range of motion you get from barbell row or press movements is usually limited, but not with dumbbell variations.

A dumbbell is able to provide a new dimension to your muscle movement by extending its range of motion.