Ants, small animals that are known to love sugar. If the number of ants is relatively small, we can just ignore them. But, if it is clustered, where our feet rest when we step on the horde and our feet become surrounded by ants, some of us bite, we certainly feel a little irritated. On the other hand, you may go to and find excellent tips for dealing with other pests.

There are several causes of many ants in our homes:

1. There is sugar spilled on the kitchen table

Many causes of ants at home occur when we make drinks, maybe we spill some sugar on the table, this can be the cause of ants coming to our homes. As soon as one ant knows the presence of spilled sugars, with the pheromones that the ants have, the ants will immediately call their friends to come and bring the sugar to their nest.

2. The existence of bread and other sweet foods that we put carelessly

Bread that is identical to its manufacture with sugar is often only we place it carelessly on the table. Though bread is one of the ant’s favorites. Immediately the ants surround the bread that we place carelessly.

3. Drink spilled

Your drink spills, especially spilled drinks are sweet drinks. And you just wipe the spilled beverage portion without just mopping it. Ants also like to cover up spilled drinks that you haven’t cleaned completely.

4. The place to sit is sweet drinks

When sitting relaxed while eating and drinking. You accidentally spilled your drink. In a panic, you just roll up your seat and wipe the bottom of the base where your drink is seeping. You also forget to wash your seat. Although the ants that detected the presence of the remaining sweet drinks spilled, they immediately went to the base that you haven’t had time to wash.

5. Sweet fruits

Often eating fruits is good for the health of our bodies. But sweet fruits often invite ants to come to our homes. For example, just like when we eat rambutan or mango. Not finished eating the fruits, surely the ants are approaching us and want to get closer to the sweet fruit.