Which gamer is not familiar with the Counter-Strike video game or officially abbreviated as CS? This video game is quite legendary in the genre Fps because it has been present since 1999. Even known the process of formation CS game older than the launch date. Meanwhile, you can also check out Csgotradezone about me if you’re looking for cool CS: GO merchandises.

Many do not know CS was born in the hands of a genius game developer Canada-Vietnam named Minh ‘Gooseman’ Le. Before making the CS become famous, noted Le Minh had made a mod for Quake game titled Navy SEALs in 1997. Suspected mod created by Minh Le for Quake is the ancestor of the CS.

Not just a mod, Navy SEALs game is quite complete in presenting the game format. There are three maps presented in the mod, complete with authentic weapons that can be refilled and added flashbang. Even the headshot feature, already in the game.

Then after Minh Le invented the Navy SEALs, he again launched a mod for Quake II video game entitled Action Quake 2. Actually, Action Quake 2 is the initial concept of CS game development initiated by Minh Le himself. Much of Minh’s original works still survive in today’s CS games.

Action Quake 2 also has a more realistic graphics and damage system. Through this game, he started to build friendships with Jess Clife, one of the founders of the Counter-Strike game before being taken over by Valve.

For four years pursuing a bachelor’s degree at Fraser Simon University, he is alleged to have started working on Counter-Strike video games. However, at that time, Minh has not really focused on making CS games stand alone.

While working on that Mod, Minh Le relationship with his best friend, Jess Clife began close to the studio Valve. Finally interested in the concept of CS games, Valve immediately recruited Minh and Jess to join together. Game Counter-Strike that was born to Half-Life was precisely released in 1999.

When the first game entitled Counter-Strike was released, Minh and Jess only made three folders for the beta version, ie cs_prison, cs_siege, and cs_wpndepot. While for his own game mode there is only a mode of rescue or hostage rescue.