Hello, all! Welcome to this blog.

If you are reading this blog, surely you are looking for articles about technology or health. This blog contains two categories. I write articles on blogs with the aim of sharing information that is interesting and useful for people. Besides, I really like to write! At first, I wrote anything without a clear topic. I just write in the book and without publication to the people because I feel not confident with my writing. Until then the internet and technology changed everything. Slowly I began to believe that my writing could be enjoyed by many people. What I write can benefit them.

My name is Louis H. Harding. I am the author of this blog. Broadly speaking, this blog contains not only about health and technology. I also write about lifestyle, finance, and entertainment. Those five categories are interrelated, right? Especially health and lifestyle. More and more people are looking for information about a healthy lifestyle. They begin to feel that toxins are settling in the body. Or they simply look for how to reduce acne on the face. Such things are essential in everyday life.

That’s my reason for writing blogs. I also would like to share my experience with the five categories. I am convinced that my writing can benefit. If I do not start now, then when will I start to move? While already many others who share experiences about everyday life. Until now I still practice so that my writing can make people interested. Everything needs a process.

If you have any questions about me or an article on the blog, you can contact me by e-mail. You can also provide critiques and suggestions to make my blog more interesting. I know all this I can not achieve alone. Hopefully, the information here will be useful for you. Thank you!