Woman, which one do you prefer? Have big or small breasts? According to data from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, nearly 300,000 women in America do breast implants. Having big breasts will certainly make your chest feel warm even when in cold weather because, in cold weather, the body will burn fat to produce warmth. In addition, all eyes will certainly be on you. Research conducted by the University of Nebraska on 29 male participants and 36 female participants even revealed that, compared with the face, breast area and waist circumference is the body of the longest attention, both by men and women. Visit our website to get a guide to natural breast enlargement.

The study found that men spent more of their eye glance on both areas, to estimate, the potential for the ability to produce offspring, a woman who was the goal of their vision. Unlike the men, women spend much longer to glance at the two areas, for another reason. Women focus on the two areas of the body, as they aim to compare with their own.

How to maintain healthy breasts? In addition to the high intake of calories whose ends only end up as fat (considering the breast is composed of fat cells), the enlargement of breast size is a combination of the presence of several trigger factors. The high levels of estrogen in your body, the use of hormonal contraceptives, pregnancy or lactation, to the exposure of certain chemicals can also be a factor.

However, large breasts can trigger the occurrence of breast cancer. So, if you have large breasts, you should immediately consult a doctor, if you find a lump and redness and itchy and warm feeling around the area of your breast. Prevention is better than cure, in addition to controlling your body’s caloric intake, you should also control alcohol consumption and smoking behavior if you have it.