Job vacancy ad provider sites are sites that specifically collect job information from various companies that open vacancies read more here. After sending the application, job applicants must wait to be called for an interview. However, what happens if there is no interview call coming? Did you make an error when sending your application?

1. Not according to qualifications
First, you must pay attention to the qualifications requested by the company. If the company wants applicants who have three to five years of experience, while you are a fresh-graduate, chances are that you will not be called. Avoid disappointment. Try applying for a job that suits your qualifications.

2. Don’t mention ‘keywords’

Job descriptions usually have ‘keywords’ to match the job applicant’s abilities. Make sure you read the ‘keywords’ and list them on the resume. For example, when there is a job opening as a photo editor, then you must mention the quality of photo editing, photography, and the ability to use the editing software that you have.

3. The mistakes in creating the resume

Making an attractive resume does not mean decorating a resume and making it truly ‘different’ from most resumes in terms of appearance. Keep writing resumes with standard writing. New, highlight your quality in the contents section.

4. Resumes are different from online profiles

LinkedIn, Dice, and other online profiles can be useful tools when looking for work. So it’s very important to adjust the profile on the site with your resume. If there are fatal differences, for example regarding the status of employment, then this will hold you back.

5. Resumes come at the end of the deadline

Sending a resume at the beginning of time is a must. Be more diligent in looking for job openings so that you will not miss the news and only send when the vacancy is almost closed. Even though some companies still appreciate your resume by reading it, they may have no interest or have found the right candidate.