If you have time to visit Miami, Florida you will definitely visit some of the tourist attractions that are a favorite for tourists who visit there. As the most crowded city in the United States, Miami is indeed an option for many people to vacation. In fact, if you want to visit the place, you can use Miami limo service to rent a limo car that will take you to where you want to go.

If you include people who want to visit Miami and still confused what places you can visit to get the entertainment you are looking for. Here are some places that are usually visited by many tourists who vacation in Miami.

1. South Beach
It is the ideal place to breathe fresh air typical beach. You can meet very casually here. Even you can also shop or just watch the people who walk on the beach.

2. Parrot Jungle Island
In this place, you can see exotic birds of various types that are free to fly in nature. There are different types of birds such as parrots and other birds, penguins, orangutans, crocodiles, tigers and many other animals.

3. Coral Castle
This place is located between Miami and Florida made by Edward Leedskalnin who died in 1951. Visitors will be fascinated with details on the beautiful but also mysterious architects.

4. Miami Seaquarium
This place is located in downtown Miami and Miami Beach. With an outdoor aquarium in this place, they can present a variety of marine animals, such as dolphins to turtles. This can be the most appropriate place if you take a child on your vacation.

If you intend or are in Miami, some of the places above you can make a tourist destination to spend your time in the city. Try to find the right place for the holiday you want.