The term brunch is familiar with the main meal time, but you know brunch is not known explicitly. People used to eat brunch menus which are always Belgian waffles, now the best brunch nyc menu is more varied and has many types.

Brunch is a popular time even in the whole world, but did you know how this beginning appeared? Here is a brief history of brunch.

When was first called brunch?

The word brunch comes from a combination of two words, breakfast and lunch. The first brunch in 1895 by a British writer named Guy Beringer. This man is a print media writer Hunter Weekly who has written an article entitled “Brunch: A Plea” and a few words that say brunch is a fun food activity. Beringer’s writing became increasingly popular and became popular in 1896 and began to spread to America in the 1920s.

What is the first brunch menu?

Not noted with certainty, the first brunch menu was served but many said the brunch menu that served had was a variety of foods. Many say the brunch menu at the beginning of its appearance is the same as the breakfast menu plus meat, eggs, fruits and sweet dessert. This menu is usually eaten by people who are late for eating breakfast.

In 1920, brunch was only eaten by upper-class people. Because only classy people can roam as they please. People who work early in the morning. In the 1930s found a book that contained alcoholic brunch menus for male guests but in the form of mocktails. But in the 1950s and drinking mocktail when brunch began to wane because it included the second world of war. This then put alcohol in so it disappeared from the brunch menu. As an alcoholic beverage, more brunch drinks are served in the form of fruit juice that is more well-known for its health.