Indeed yoga seems like a light exercise. So light, yoga to lose weight looks almost impossible. In fact, yoga can still help reduce weight based on the results of research in the Journal of Clinical & Diagnostic Research in 2016. This study proves that regular yoga exercises are effective in controlling the condition of obesity in men who live in urban areas. Meanwhile, go to whenever you need to hire professional yoga trainers that can teach you online, especially if you’re looking for the trusted experts with years of experience.

Research in this journal involved 80 obese adult men. With 40 people doing yoga regularly for 3 months, the remaining 40 people do free physical activities other than yoga.

For 3 months yoga exercises are carried out 5 times a week with the duration of each exercise 90 minutes. Both of these groups underwent the same diet recommended by researchers.

The result, from here, is that percent of fat has a greater decline in groups that do yoga regularly compared to other groups. Decreasing fat weight in the waist and upper arm area also occurs more in people who are regular yoga.

Not only that, the waist circumference and hip circumference decreased more in the group that did routine yoga. The decrease in fat weight and size of the body’s circumference as a whole makes weight loss.

Tips for quickly losing weight with yoga

If your goal is to lose weight, you should combine your yoga practice with other exercises that can increase your heart rate more. Examples of running, aerobics, cycling, and others. This helps to increase more calories burned in a faster time.

In addition, the key to the main success of losing weight is keeping the balance of calories in and calories out. Don’t forget to set a healthy diet so that the calories are not excessive.