Acne is one of the disorders of the skin with a form like a lump or inflammation under the skin. Acne occurs in the oil gland channel of the skin. There are various types of acne such as small acne that can go away without treatment or acne that can cause inflammation. Acne is inflamed usually requires special care to avoid infection. How to get rid of acne naturally using a lot of applied honey. The best manuka honey brand for acne becomes one of the substances that have excellent properties to restore the skin condition when exposed to inflammation such as acne.

Everyone must have felt it in life. Although commonly acne occurs when we were teenagers. Characteristics of acne scars are difficult to remove makes us always feel sad when exposed to acne. In addition, acne also causes decreased confidence. nursing can happen to anyone, including parents and teenagers. However, acne in teenagers is indeed one of the most common disorders. What exactly is the cause of acne? In the world of skin health causes of acne is not widely known or cannot be analyzed specifically. But here are some common causes that are often suspected to be the cause of acne.

– Hormone imbalances
Problems of hormonal enhancement often occur in adolescent girls such as the cause of acne during menstruation. This is because of the high levels of hormones that cause acne androgen levels and progesterone. As a result, the oil glands produce a lot of oil and this makes the oil glands very sensitive.

– Drastic hormonal changes
Acne that occurs in pregnant women caused by hormone changes that are very drastic.

– Genetic
Some other facts also revealed that parents with severe cases of acne could be down to his son.

– Cosmetic Use
Too often wearing makeup and allergies on some cosmetic ingredients.

– Stress
Depressed thoughts are also believed to cause acne.

– Dietary habit
Some types of foods are not good consumption such as acne-causing foods, which are fatty and contain lots of oil.