In the present, home decor is indeed important so that there are many people who use carpets as a complement to their home decor. In fact, in one house there are usually lots of carpets used in accordance with the type of room in the house. Using the carpet, of course, you also have to pay attention to the cleanliness of the carpet. You can use the services of theĀ ultra brite carpet tile cleaning to clean your carpet regularly.

In choosing carpet, usually many people feel confused, what color they will use in one room. Usually, this color selection is also very influential on the decoration in the room. In choosing the color of the carpet, there are several factors that can determine it.

1. Avoid bright colors for rooms that are often used
Bright carpet colors such as white are not suitable if used for rooms that are often used such as family room and children’s playroom. The color of the carpet will be easily soiled that requires a lot of care.

2. Pay attention to lighting the room
Also, make sure the color selection of the carpet is adjusted to the lighting condition in the room. The room that has bright lighting will display the original color of the carpet that is increasingly striking, while the room with minimal lighting will make the color of the carpet darker than the original color. Adjust the color of the carpet with lighting in your home.

3. Adjust to the theme of the room
Surely you have to adjust the color of the carpet with the overall theme of the room so that it can complement each other and give the impression that it blends into the room and carpet. When choosing, try to make the headline stand out, but not impressed or too different from the theme of the chosen room.

4. For Decoration, Use Bright Colors
The bright color of the carpet is more suitable for decoration functions and gives a bigger room effect. While the color of the dark carpet is more suitable for large rooms and often used to give the impression of warm and comfortable.

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