The orientation of the house building must be determined from the start of construction. If the house will be erected in an area with high temperature and humidity, try to expose the house to the north or south, and not to the west or east. A good foundation also determines the construction of a hot and humid house. A slab foundation is suitable to be applied to homes with hot and humid environmental conditions, especially homes that are not given insulation or good insulation. This foundation will support the building of the house well because this foundation is not insulated, so it does not hold back heat energy which can cause high temperatures in the house. Apart from that, if you don’t have the time to build your concrete walls on your own, perhaps you must hire the best concrete block walls company near your area.

For homes to be erected in hot and humid climates, use concrete or rock walls. Both of these materials can be combined for weather conditions in the tropics. If combined with other materials, the wall must be isolated or given a good bulkhead that is semi-permeable or slightly translucent, so that water can evaporate into the interior of the house. Finally, coat the exterior walls with wood or cement and spread them over the entire wall.

To keep air circulation cool, try to close the doors and windows during the day, and open at night so that the air temperature in the room will be quite cold naturally. In this way, you don’t have to turn on the AC every time. You can turn it on only at certain times that are very hot.

Houses with hot and humid temperatures may need to be added to a dehumidification system. This system is important to install at home to control the level of humidity in the home, especially in the areas or the hottest and humid rooms.

After that, you can take advantage of this tree to keep your house cool and cool, by building a house not far from the tree, or still in the shade of this tree. By building a house right under a tree, the house will always be protected from direct sunlight.