Beautiful body shape must be the dream of all people, not only women but also men. Having a beautiful body must be followed by well-maintained health as well. Without a healthy body would be difficult to carry out daily activities without difficulty. Sometimes we are too tired and do not pay attention to health or hobby of eating sweet and junk food so that the body becomes less beautiful and unhealthy. Therefore, do not wait until your weight rises! The thing you should do to lose the most effective weight is with Intermittent fasting 16 8 lean gains. You can easily visit the website at for more information about the diet.

In addition, you can also do some diet programs performed by Korean artists. Korean-style artist diet is not always difficult and expensive, even most are a type of diet that we can also do ourselves at home. Here’s the review!

Yoon Eun Hey
Apart from the rumors that many Korean artists are choosing to do plastic surgery to add to their beauty, many are doing healthy diets like those done by the beautiful artist Yoon Eun Hey. Yoon Eun Hey underwent a diet by adjusting her diet. He still consumes rice but with a regulated weight size and a companion diet that launched his digestion so that Yoon Eun Hey still has enough energy for daily activities, but also able to lose excess weight and keep it at a balanced level.

Kang Sora
For the new movie Kang Sora is supposed to play the role of adult women, well the way he did to change his image and also his body shape to be more slender and slender is to reduce snack foods that he loves especially pizza and sweet foods. Meanwhile, Kang Sora also joined ballet class as one of the sports that he did. Exercise is very helpful to form the body and tighten the muscles of the body.

It turns out the members of SNSD or Girl Generation has several types of taboos and suggestions that you can also follow. First is to consume a lot of water. The amount of water entering the body is very influential in the process of metabolism and digestion. Furthermore, SNSD also suggested eating lots of vegetables and fruit as a substitute for unhealthy snacks. They also greatly avoid fried foods and junk food. In addition, they recommend eating boiled chicken breast without fat and brown rice for lunch menu. Not forgetting exercise to keep your body firm.