There are mainly two types of companies in the world and they are big and small companies. Each of them is different from one of the other companies. There are many examples of companies such as Kyäni as one of the examples of big companies.

As each of the types of companies is different, there are also some differences between companies and companies. So, before applying for a job in either a big company or a small company, it is better for a job applicant to know those differences so that they will be able to choose the right type of companies for them. Here are some of the differences:

– The potential for self-development

Large companies provide regular training schedules to improve competitiveness and competence of human resources in the company. Employees in large companies will receive training, as well as certifications that are directly facilitated by large companies.

The startup company also provides training for its employees, although the frequency is not as frequent as the existing training in large companies. Employees at startup companies tend to hone their potential by completing daily tasks independently.

– Salaries and allowances

Speaking of salaries and benefits, large companies must have prepared an adequate salary along with benefits for the employee. The potential for employees to earn a wide salary based on the results or targets is also wide open. Most startup companies still do not provide benefits for their employees. Salaries at startup companies are also sometimes fluctuating.

– Relation

In large companies, there are many employees with diverse expertise. As a result, the opportunity to gain knowledge and share knowledge At the startup company, we may only see a few employees. However, the opportunity to establish intimacy with each other is open to the small number of employees.