One way to ensure your crossbow long life span is by choosing the custom crossbow strings. In fact, not only the strings but also the bow and other accessories could be customized to ensure your experience using a crossbow is the best. Despite the wide variation and popularity of crossbow in hunting, there are a couple of disadvantages as well from this particular weapon that you must know. It is true that the shape and efficiency of a crossbow are better than when you use the compound bow but the weight is a problem because the compound bow is smaller and lighter so it will be easier to carry. This weight could also be a problem when you need to shoot using a rest.
Even though crossbow offers much more speed in the projectiles, this weapon is so much slower in order to reload. Using crossbow for hunting will give you a disadvantage when you want to do seize the moment and take another shot because the heavy draw, the bulk and the size of crossbow will make you reload slower and more careful while when using a compound bow you could do another shot in a matter of seconds. In hunting the one thing you need is a complete silence so your target won’t realize your existence and a crossbow might prevent your goal in that case because this weapon is way much louder than the compound or even the recurve bows. It will be hard to minimize this noise especially because crossbow is still fallen on a short range weapon category.
If you want to start hunting with a crossbow you need to make sure that you understand all the advantages and disadvantages of this weapon. The right thing to do is visiting your local archery shop to get all the information regarding hunting and the weapon needed before you start wandering off to the forest. Just remember that any bow you choose is only a tool to help you because one thing needed in hunting is patience that only you can offer.