Often people just keep shoes in their boxes. Besides being easier to organize and store, it also does not need an effort to move it to another place. Has it really been your way to store shoes in cardboard? Your way in storing and caring of your tennis shoes determine its durability. If you want more tennis shoes, tennis shoe review can help you find the ones that meet your desire and needs.

If you don’t store shoes correctly, the shoes in the box can be moldy, moist and actually accelerate the broken shoes. One thing you need to consider before deciding to save shoes is how often you wear them. If the shoes include 2-3 times you use for a week, just put them on the shelf.

Putting it on the shelf can make the shoes not moist, keep the shoes dry by naturally aerating so that they don’t smell. You just wipe it if you get dust and can use it directly.

If you wear shoes rarely, you can store them in an original shoe box or wrapped in plastic. Usually, when buying, there is white paper like plastic in a cardboard box, do not throw it away, because the anti-acid paper is effective in preventing mold so that the shoes are more durable.

If you save more than one month, also make sure you don’t throw out the preservatives in it and aerate it 1-2 times a month to avoid moisture and mold. If you throw it away, you can buy acid-free paper or wrap it with a tissue. You must often replace it.

So, no problem storing it in a shoe container box, provided you don’t just put it in. Don’t want to buy expensive shoes just for one use right? Let’s pay more attention and keep your shoes at home