For your information, a mortgage is a long-term loan. So, before you make the decision to find out mortgage broker, it would be better to first read this article. Long-term debt is a debt that has a payment deadline or maturity that is usually quite long, can reach one accounting period (1 year) or more. For long-term debt repayment usually, use non-current assets. Non-current assets are defined as assets or assets that have economic value that tends to be relatively permanent or long term. In simple words, a mortgage is a debt that arises due to the income of funds derived from debts using fixed asset security. Fixed assets or immovable property such as land certificates, certificates of buildings/buildings, houses, and so forth. If the borrower will not be able to repay the debt already by the deadline, then the lender has the right to confiscate and sell the guaranteed goods to be subtracted from the unpaid debts.

Mortgage debt usually can only be obtained through one source only, for example only to the bank.
In obtaining a loan or long-term debt is not easy, this requires some guarantees and certain requirements. These long-term debt guarantees vary, among other things, the collateral of immovable property. Included in the immovable collateral are assets such as land and building, and house certificates. Long-term debt or long-term debt has a payment maturity of about 5-20 years. The timing of this payment depends on the agreement of both parties and the ability of the party to apply the long-term debt to make the payment that has been agreed previously.

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