Eating in a new place makes children behave. Comfortable atmosphere is very important! His intention was to refresh with his family by eating together at the restaurant at the end of the week. However, the magic of the little guy in the restaurant thwarted the excitement. The difficulty of calming the child sitting quietly in his chair! When forced, he sulks, doesn’t want to eat. He wants to take a walk or play in the restaurant’s play area. Relax, this is not only your pain. The survey, conducted by The Kensington Hotel Restaurant in the UK, resulted in this finding: 48% of parents claimed to be ashamed of their toddler’s behavior when invited to eat in a restaurant. In the meantime, check out Bob Evans menu prices to find a good restaurant with reasonable prices.


When a child cannot be regulated or embarrassed while in a restaurant, avoid hurrying to label the bad boy. Try to recall how you get your child to eat at home. Does your child eat while sitting sweetly at the dining table, or does he eat while walking, while sitting on a swing or taking a play? The habit will be taken everywhere.

When you introduce table manners, children cannot immediately understand your intentions. But whatever habits you apply to children, he needs to be accustomed to eating in restaurants to study politely in public places and try a variety of new menus. Try the following methods:

1. Choose a child-friendly restaurant, which provides special menus for toddlers and not too long in preparing dishes. If necessary, make a reservation in advance so you don’t have to wait for your seat turn. If you want to teach an orderly child to eat in a restaurant, then don’t choose a restaurant that has a playground arena because the playground makes the child’s attention divided and wants to play

2. Involve children when choosing food. Show and tell children pictures of food pictures. Ask him to choose the food. Do not force the child to spend his food if the portions are large. Sacrifice to want to share your child’s choice of food.

3. Avoid ordering too much food so you don’t take too long to spend food. This can be a trigger for child fuss because he is tired of waiting.