Staying at home can be boring, especially on a rainy day, as it will be harder for you to go out to overcome your boredom. It will be even harder for children as it is natural for them to want to go out and play. Therefore, there is no other option for you except to help them get entertained so that they will not be bored. To help you find what you can do together with the children, here are some of the fun things you and the children can try to do:

– Make a fort from the blanket

When the rain is the right time to make a fort from the blanket in the living room. Arrange a couple of chairs and cover the part between the chairs with the sofa with a blanket. Make a picnic lunch under your blanket fortress.

– Get an indoor camping experience.

It is possible to feel like going camping at home. To do so, you can try to put the sleeping bag under the fort and blow the air mattress. If you have a small tent, make a tent inside your living room. Make the city out of cardboard. Collect boxes and cardboard sections. You can cut it out and make 3-dimensional shapes for the buildings, or just cut them flat to make the building one-sided. Use markers, crayons, and colored paper to decorate the building. Make the whole city, including firefighters, schools, skyscrapers, apartment complexes, and houses. Use small puppets and toy cars for your cardboard city. Or, you can make your own cars and puppets to stay in your cardboard city.

– Make a tea party

To make a tea party, you can dress up in fancy clothes, big hats, gloves, and ties. Bring to tea, use an expensive ceramic cup, and place the napkin on the table. Invite puppets and shadowy guests to be invited by the children. Let the children make a list of their guests. Invite the children to help you make desserts and small sandwiches as a snack for the tea party.