When the holidays arrive, summer is a pleasant time to go on a tour of the beach. But it will feel less if beach tourism is just a walk on the beach and does not feel a different sensation. Tourism to the beach is actually very common, it is no longer a tourist destination that is coveted by tourists. At this time other tourism has been developed which aim as education while at the same time revealing unique facts about animals that are said to be wild. Marine tourism, tourism with the sea and its contents. In marine tourism, there are parts where tourists can enjoy the agenda of swimming with whale sharks. Scary? Maybe for those who have never tried. But basically, swimming with sharks is not a scary thing because there are many interesting facts about sharks that you should know.

Basically, sharks prefer to eat fish and small invertebrates. Sharks that reach larger sizes even prefer sea lions and seals which, according to Kimley, a researcher from the University of California, says that sharks don’t like human flesh. Even if sharks attack usually there are several supporting factors, including when the water is cloudy and then there are humans who throw themselves in, the sharks will be confused because they cannot distinguish whether it is prey or humans, but when the attack comes, sharks will release humans. Why? Because sharks have nerve endings in their teeth, they are useful for distinguishing prey that is rich in calories and fat. Luckily, humans don’t fall into the category of prey that sharks will eat.

Another factor why sharks attack humans is the weather. The weather changes that occur often confuse sharks, such as what happened in North Carolina, when summer weather is at its peak and there is not much rainfall that makes sharks come in and many people travel to the beach. This warm water condition also invites the fish eaten by sharks to arrive so that the sharks find it difficult to recognize which prey is, where humans are.