If you are a true coffee lover and you have so many friends who share the same passion with you, then it’d be a good idea for you to know the right store to buy the exquisite coffee when you are planning to give them some gifts. There’s nothing better than the high-quality gourmet Coffee Gift Baskets to give to the fellow coffee lovers, and we recommend you to check out a dedicated and trusted fair trade coffee company.

This company is called Nectar of Life, and it’s a small company, which is actually family-owned one in Idaho. It’s such a fine and responsible company which isn’t just producing high-quality coffees, but it’s also empowering the local coffee farmers at Colombia, all the while they are also making sure that they will do their coffee production without bringing too many negative impacts to the environment. So if you’re one of those coffee enthusiasts who doesn’t want to feel any guilt when you’re seeping a cup of coffee during your afternoon break, you bet that choosing the brands of coffee that will allow you to help to assist people to make honest living in south-America and also to protect the environment can give you a huge relief.

However, when it comes down to the quality of the coffee from this particular company, you don’t have to worry at all. There are so many customers that have claimed that their coffees are seriously great. You can taste one of the best flavors of dark chocolate and hazelnut when you’re drinking this amazing Arabica coffee from Colombia. While at the same time, as a fair trade coffee, you will definitely understand that you’re also helping those farmers in the third-world country in Southern-America to make an honest living, all the while you can also help the company itself in running a business which is friendly toward nature. Even they ask you to send back their box after a week of the delivery. They will reuse the same box until it’s not visually inviting for the customers to buy again. So remember to buy coffees and some gift baskets from this company if you really wish to have a better and more responsible way to enjoy the high-class gourmet coffee.