Chronic migraine sufferers will be happy after hearing that the medication to treat a migraine that they have been found. This will certainly help them in dealing with migraine headaches which can greatly disrupt daily activities. Other symptoms of a migraine include nausea, vomiting, and are very sensitive to light and sound. This symptom is exacerbated by normal physical activity. Migraine attacks can cause pain that is very disturbing for hours, even a day, causing activity disruption in the sufferer. A chronic migraine often occurs in individuals who have a history of an episodic migraine. A migraine is considered chronic if it occurs more than 8 days in 1 month, for at least 3 months. Not long ago, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) endorsed a drug called Aimovig for sale. This is allegedly the first drug to prevent migraines. You can get this medicine in kulit kering Metiska Farma as a trusted and safe pharmacy.

Reporting from the TIME page, a number of pills to prevent other migraines are being tested. That way, Acimovic will not be “alone”. The way the Aimovig drug works is by injecting it every month just under the skin. The price range of this drug is around 6.9 thousand US dollars. In one study, patients who were given Aimovig claimed the rate of migraine recurrence was significantly reduced. Each group of patients has small side effects such as colds and respiratory infections. In fact, in some patients, their migraine is completely gone. Acimovic and other migraine medications are being reviewed in depth. This needs to be done in order to see the long-term effects that can be caused someday. Further research also needs to be done to see the effect on pregnant women.

As you know, the effects of migraines are very painful and cause symptoms that make throbbing headaches, nausea, vomiting, and are sensitive to light and sound. Based on age categories, migraines are often found in people in their 30s and most sufferers are women. The pain can last for several hours or even days. Bright light and sunlight and loud sounds can trigger migraines. Strong odors, such as perfume, thinner, and cigarette smoke can also trigger attacks on some people. For those of you who often experience migraines, even though chronic migraine prevention drugs have been found, prevention measures are always the most important. Make activities to maintain overall health as your top priority. Live a healthy lifestyle by eating balanced nutrition and regular exercise.