The window of the house should be cleaned periodically in order to get a clean window and shine. This is because windows are one part of the house that is often seen by many people. You can clean your windows using the services of best dallas window cleaning service. because many people do not have the free time to clean their windows. So, the service will be very helpful.

Keep in mind that there are many ways you can do to clean the glass window in your home. In fact, in a simple way through. Some ways you can do is

– Use toothpaste
If your house’s window panes have been scratched, then all you can do is clean them with toothpaste. The way you can do is to apply toothpaste on a soft cloth. After it, rub the cloth on the glass for 30 seconds. Next, rub again with a clean cloth until the glass surface is shiny.

– Do not clean the glass when it’s hot
The sunlight and giving high heat will cause the window to have a line. So, should clean the window glass when the weather is cloudy and not rain.

– Use vinegar
You really do not need to buy a glass cleaner, because you can make it yourself at home. the way is to mix vinegar with warm water in the same composition. Then spray the vinegar on the glass and wipe until clean. Vinegar will help break down the chemical content of the oil on the surface of the window.

– Use coffee filter paper
If you often use a tissue as a tool to wipe the glass, then you are wrong. paper towels will be damaged if exposed to water so it can leave other dirt on the glass. whereas, wiping with the cloth will leave fine fibers. For that, it’s good you use coffee filter paper. This paper has a high water absorption and leaves no trace at all.