The Simpsons are one of the popular cartoon series that is also very popular by many people around the world. If you are a fan, then you can make a caricature of your face with the character of The Simpsons by using the services of the Simpsons Creator. That way, you can get your photos that are made very unique and interesting.

Apparently, behind the funny story of this series and an interesting story, there are some facts that you must know that there are some strange and unique tragedies predicted by this series and it actually happened in the real world. Some of these predictions are

1. The spread of the Ebola virus
In 1997, Marge held a book entitled “Curious George and the Ebola Virus.” Then Bart showed a color image where he died. So, yes, The Simpson predicts that there will be a spread of the Ebola virus – where at that time the virus will kill hundreds of people.

2. Someone stole a lemon tree
The 1995 episode of “Lemons of Troy” is a series that tells of where the children of Shelbyville stole a precious lemon from a lemon tree from the city of Springfield and right in 2013 there was an event similar to that story in the city of Houston where someone stole a tree lemon

3. The Simpsons predict many people are crazy about Farmville
from 1998 the series “Bart Carny”, is one scene that describes a game called field simulation. And what happened? wow, this is very similar to the game on Facebook called “Farmville” which then has infected the existence of the Facebook community.

4. Prediction of horse meat scandal
Before there was a horse meat scandal at the UK’s Burger King Restaurant in early 2013, SD the Simpsons’ had discovered it in 1994 (what coincidence?).

The many things that happened after the episode of The Simpsons did become a matter of much discussion by the community and made the film become famous as well.