Smoking is not a good thing to do, even for smokers, they already know the impact they will get from smoking activities. however, since they are already very fond of it, it will be difficult for them to release it. For that, smokers usually also know the Cigar Accessories Guide that they must have and apply.
Usually, many people ask what is the safe limit for smokers to continue smoking every day? The question is asked a lot considering the number of people who smoke in large quantities every day. So, medically, what is the safe limit in smoking?

For those of you who smoke in the amount of one to four cigarettes per day, the risk that will come is the risk of lung cancer increased 2.8 times greater, esophageal cancer risk increased 4.3 times greater, the risk of gastric cancer increased 2.4 times more big. In fact, for someone who only smokes at certain times, they still risk getting a higher disease. So, for the right answer is there is no safe limit for smoking.

In fact, although you feel very relaxed during smoking, blood pressure and heart rate increase and blood flow to the blood vessels are reduced. The carbon monoxide present in the blood increases and causes the oxygen levels to decrease. And the last thing smokers usually accept is a weakened immune or immune system that shows the difference.

For that, you need to know the maximum limit of your own body. No one knows for certain the safe limits of a person in smoking. They will know the thing from their own body. Because the person’s immune is different, then they need to know the extent to which their bodies can receive various substances contained in the cigarette. So, all you can do is know your own body limits and understand the signs that the body can no longer accept the substance of the cigarette. this is the best way that can be applied so far.