Grillz gold jewelry always gets a special place in the hearts of women. The proof is that most Grillz gold enthusiasts are women. Because for women, maintaining appearance is also considered important to increase self-confidence. So it’s not strange if a woman has a small collection of Grillz jewelry. In addition to maintaining appearance, using jewelry also intends to beautify yourself, appear attractive and cover other shortcomings. But when we want to collect gold, of course, there are some things that are of concern, namely as follows; If we want to have a quality jewelry collection, first determine our goal of buying gold. For example, we want to invest so that the gold we can collect is as bars or coins because they contain relatively large values. For jewelry, we can set a goal for example for savings, so it is advisable to buy gold that has a high level and the selling value will also be high.

Gold is an item that has a variable price every day. So it would be better if we check the price of gold every day so that we can follow the development of gold marketing like what. How to check the gold price can be through an online site or visit the store directly when we buy the gold. Before we intend to store our jewelry collection, we also have to pay attention to the place where we bought the jewelry. The place we are aiming for must be trusted and not move places. The thing that is feared is when we need to exchange or sell and the store has moved. The shop we are aiming for must have good service, a high level of trust and have a brilliant record track. We must know, pure gold is one that does not have a mixture of other colors such as green. That is a sign that gold still leaves stains and is not washed clean. Usually, the green stain is in the golden pores. Then if we buy gold in the form of jewelry, check the gold that we will buy there is a scratch or not before making a transaction. If it is not properly checked it will affect the selling price.

In general, Indonesia has a standardized level of gold sold in stores not much different. 24 carat is equivalent to 90 percent gold, 23 carat equals 70 percent gold, 22 carat equals 40 percent gold and many more. But currently, not all traditional shops on the market provide a standardized system of purity and price levels.