Sailing on a cruise is a dream of some people. Now, you do not have to dream anymore. Feel the luxury and beauty of the sea by visiting our website. Get a mactan island hopping offer from us. However, there is one thing that disturbs when you sail with a cruise ship that is seasick.

Marine seasickness is one of the worst enemies while on the sea. According to a recent study, ship passengers judge seasickness as an inconvenience when enjoying a holiday. While seasickness itself is difficult to avoid. Seeds are a sign of disease. All sorts of drunk, be it because the car, the sea, or the air hangover happen when the inner ear and the center nervous system do not know where the vertical plane is placed. Or in other words, the sense of balance will be disturbed in the inner ear, you will feel the movement, like soar over the sea.

The big difference exists where seasickness often happens prolonged. “Even drunk because traveling by bus, car or plane will not last for days. When you’re in the car, you can stop and get out. In the open sea, it will not work. You may feel trapped, and worry if there are other factors that make you more likely to give up because of seasickness. But veteran sailors have their own methods to get rid of seasickness as soon as possible. A sailor, together with his wife and two little girls, he loves sailing for a long time and has written books and blogs about sailing and getting seasick. Smith says that for some people, the best way to deal with seasickness is to just sleep. The cabin becomes the place where the ship’s movement is at its weakest point. Even if the wind makes you feel better, do not be afraid to take a nap in the cabin.