Until now, Bitcoin still exists as Cryptocurrency with the highest price that touches the price of more than 100gram of gold per one Bitcoin as of this writing. This is why so many people in droves want to get bitcoin. Besides the price is indeed expensive Bitcoin can also be used as a business field because the price is up and down over time. Like general traditional money, you can get Bitcoin by selling goods and services, and ask people to pay you in Bitcoin. Typically, receiving Bitcoin is cheaper and easier than other payment methods, and one of the easiest ways to earn a bit of Bitcoin is discussed below!

Using Bitcoin Mining Tool
Right now the price of the best pcie riser’s tool is quite cheap compared to before because of the high bitcoin difficulty level (due to the increasing number of miners). The high level of difficulty makes the results generated by miner tools tend to be smaller than ever. Using the best pcie risers will make you produce Bitcoin according to your GHASH speed. The larger the GHS, the greater the results obtained. For example, by having 180 GHS of mining tool you will get 0.0237 BTC per day just by running the hardware.

Through the Free Bitcoin Provider website (Bitcoin Faucet)
How to get Bitcoin through a free website like this is very popular, because it only requires internet access but the results obtained will be very small. It takes persistence to get bitcoin this way. Sometimes people tend to get bored before they can get Bitcoin in bulk.

Through the advantages of buying and selling Bitcoin
One of the most popular ways around the world is by doing Bitcoin trading on its own. Inside the marketplace, you can try buying Bitcoin at a cheap price and reselling it at a higher price. The difference between buying and selling will result in a profit as trades in general. Profit is what is used to get Bitcoin.