Short Movie or Short Film is a movie that lasts between 3 Minutes – 15 Minutes. In Asia, Short Film is popular because in addition to its duration is not too long usually short films have a better concept and useful. There are also many kinds of the online film festival that hold the short movie competition.

here are the following his tips for making a good short movie:

1. Camera

The camera is the main.Use crystal clear camera or at least 720 p and above, the clarity of the camera greatly affects the quality of a movie although later using a filter or effect still we have to use a good camera but remember good camera is not dependent by the camera but by technique or view take video the

2. Concepts

We should make a short film that has a good concept and creativity, not only that in a film we also have to provide benefits in the film because it will make the better the film

3. Editing

Editing is indispensable in making a movie when cutting, adding music, adding vfx it will make your movie more interesting. Now many easily understandable video editing apps like Sony Vegas, Windows Movie Maker and Adobe Premiere Pro, the app is already very pretty in editing your movie

4. Music

Music affects an event or a moment in a movie, yes times more times fighting music shake damage, not pants right? So, you have to choose good music. But do not forget to watch the Copyright on the music, you do not want your movie to be banned by a music producer.

5. Groove

Create an interesting storyline and upload a lot of people are curious to watch your movie.You can play back plot from back to front, front to back etc. It depends on your creativity each in providing an interesting story.

6. Roles and Conversations

The role of the person is very important in a film, should give the role according to the character and face of the perpetrator to harmonize while speaking in the film.
Conversation is also a very vital role, you should make a conversation that contains and there is a comedy impression in it this will certainly attract the audience