In this modern era, the internet is not only consumption for adults, but even small children are already familiar with the internet. The internet does provide a lot of conveniences, but there are also many negative effects given if you don’t carry out surveillance early because it will disrupt the child’s growth. As a parent, here is your role to accompany children in surfing in cyberspace. To protect children from the dangers of the internet, a number of competent agencies and concerns about child protection combine to form a collaboration by initiating a program. This program aims to maintain child safety from various crimes through the internet. Here are things you can do as parents to protect children from the dangers of the internet. You can find out about the internet if you visit teknologi helt enkelt right now.

– Talking about limits
Talk to your child about what you believe about cyberspace behavior at this time, tell about the use of appropriate social media and what boundaries should and should not be done in posting something on social media. You can give this step to your children who are already familiar with gadgets, such as at the elementary school level.

– Don’t give gadgets to toddlers
Toddlers will indeed be silent when given a gadget, but it would be better if you do not give a gadget to toddlers because it will interfere with disrupting eye health, brain development and interaction with the outside world. Do not worry that your child does not keep up with the times, you can introduce the device and the internet to the child when he can already tell which is good and what is right.

– Get involved in children’s online activities
Being involved in children’s activities or online activities really needs to be done by you as a parent. Not only watching children in real life with anyone who is friends, but also watching over children’s lives in cyberspace. You need to know who your child is friends with and what is done.

– Teach security settings
For children who are already familiar with gadgets, you need to introduce security settings for social media. You need to sit side by side and teach that personal information should not be spread and accessed by people carelessly.