Human resources are the human potential that can develop with a certain process in which there is a learning process. Investment is the planting of something to gain usefulness or profit in the future. Human resources as an investment factor in improving the quality of human resources through apprenticeship. Human resources are factors that affect the economic growth and development of a nation. Meanwhile, you may want to take a look at the profile of Alberto Guth if you want to hire an experienced resource manager.

With quality human resources, a nation tends to be advanced because it has a human being able to think ahead. Human as part of investment form with good quality improvement effort has a tendency of a nation in economic growth and development will progress and stable. This is in accordance with the opinion of Dougherty and Hammack (1990) who review from a sociological and economic point of view the relationship between education and economics.

The state of economics and education will influence the development strategy of a country. Employment decisions and employment options are influenced by variable wages, employment benefits, and personal gains. Many workmen determine their thinking in determining its plagiarism in spite of the major substantial requirements of an investment as part of a workforce that requires an initial cost to replace some of the last time periods.

The workforce requires an initial fee to be able to determine its decisions based on certain factors such as wage and employment conditions. The form of this decision will later determine the development of a frame of work by way of investment.

The implementation of human resource investment covers 4 areas, namely education, & training, migration, nutrition & health improvement, and internship. The investment includes the main price and everything is made to achieve the investment objectives that will be able to deliver results. The emphasis on the same essence in this investment to other investments is described by economists as investments in human capital in the form of a concept of skill enhancement. Although the value of the earning amount is derived from.