SEO is a part of the lives of many people, especially business people. Many of them are using SEO to increase their website sales and traffic. Good SEO will indeed provide a good impact on the users. One of the qualified SEO providers is SEO Cherry.

SEO is great for increasing your website traffic and increasing your sales. However, SEO also cannot run well if the website you have is not user-friendly so many readers are disappointed and eventually leave the website you have. for that, you should pay attention to some elements that can make your website read by many people, like

1. Color
The color strength is undoubtedly in the design. For that, you need to do selection and color combining in order to produce a good design. Usually, you will be advised to wear bright colors for your blog design. You also have to differentiate certain texts in an article with color. In this way, the visitor’s eyes will be entertained and not bored. You can research using red, green and blue (RGB) color combinations to find the right colors.

2. Margin and Padding
Usually, this is often forgotten by many people in designing their blog. In fact, margins and padding serve to give the distance of one element to another. With margin and padding, then your website will look very neat and not confusing.

3. Images and Icons
Although you already use CSS in creating or manipulating designs but never underestimate the power of the image. Good pictures and exactly what you talk about will make visitors feel at home on your website. So, always choose the right image and in accordance with the blog you have.

4. Fonts
Fonts have an important function in making visitors comfortable while reading your blog. Use clear fonts and easy to read so that visitors are not in a hurry to leave the website.