For the design or concept of a private garage, there are now many made by their own owners, or in other words, do not use the services of professional architects. This is because, in addition to not requiring a lot of costs, garage space also does not need to be a very complex consideration when compared to the main house design. Except if the blueprint for your new home has been made by the designer of your house as well as the garage. While considering the right type of garage door system to choose from, also take the close look at chain and screw drives available in the market.

Iron sliding garage door

This type of door is a favorite choice. With an iron plate as a door leaf, this type gives the impression of the sturdy, strong and better security of course. In addition to operating this iron door, you no longer need a lot of energy. Because this door is equipped with a rail as a path open the lid. The door leaf doesn’t need a lot of space. This is because the door will stick to the side wall of your garage when fully opened. If you don’t need a road that is too wide to pass, then you just open one or several of the doors just as needed. In the case of maintenance of the door, it is considered very easy.

Wooden sliding garage door

Well, this type of door is a type of door that combines high security, ease, and high settings. Broadly speaking, how to open and close it is exactly the same as the second type door above. Because all components used are the same components, it’s just that the door leaves use wood. The weakness that needs to be considered of this type is that wood material is easy to expand because the air temperature often causes your door to change its precision level. If you are a fan of wood products and their artistic value, then this type of one is the type that you can consider.