When you create a blog/website / or online store, it does not always appear on page 1 on google, sometimes not found at all for those many web users who learn SEO or use SEO services. Many of the people who run businesses online even decide to choose fort lauderdale seo. When you work with a company that is experienced in handling search engine ranking issues, you certainly have more chances to get the best results. However, there are some important things to know about SEO itself.

– Go to page 1 of Google

Yes, that’s all they know about SEO about page 1 google, but actually, there are still 9 other things you should know about SEO. SEO is not just to reach page 1 but make your website easy to find with a variety of similar search words. Page one sometimes does not guarantee the website is good or not, what to be page 1 if no one is looking for it?

– SEO is a Long-Term Process

Why can I say such a thing? SEO is a thing that does take a lot of time and effort. Even sometimes you need a lot of funds to optimize your website by hiring SEO services. But obviously the result of using SEO Services you get reciprocity in the form of long-term results that can generate targeted traffic to your website

– The essence of SEO is Quality Content

Google has a bot that every development abandon things that are not “natural”, leave the structure of the format repetition of excess keywords, remove habits of writing with SEO.

Remember your website is made for humans, not for robots, so do not let the moment visitors come to your website feel uncomfortable with the content of your content specifically read “ROBOT GOOGLE”

– Relevance is a Powerful SEO Factor

Backlink, yes almost everyone trying to find backlink as much as possible. They think with a lot of backlinks also speed up the results of their website optimization. Leave this technique right now !!! How to build a solid website if from different backlink compositions and not the same? A backlink is good now only really qualified, planting “backlinks” to your website to the website that has something to do with “Niche” -Category website You.