Breast is one of the instruments of womanhood. The shape of breasts between women is different. Beyond its usefulness to facilitate breastfeeding, women consider breast as an asset that can attract the attention of the opposite sex. Not many know that 80 percent of the factors that affect breast shape in women is heredity. The rest is a lifestyle influence that may give little role in shaping the existing size talent.

This early when technological advances develop rapidly, the desire of women to enlarge breasts seemed to get an answer. Various beauty products that promise the development of breast size becomes larger crowded marketed. From the steps of silicone surgery, breast muscle stimulant cream, to clothing that is otherwise able to support the process of developing breast, a choice. When you make the decision to use the cream product, it would be better to first check and review breast cream before and after. Not only that, you must get ready with the risks of the wrong choice of cream product. In general, some women report the following risks and issues related to breast enhancement using the different ways.

Use of creams or medicines

The content that is in the cream or breast enlargement pill proved to actually trigger breast cancer cells.

Surgery with silicon

Some of the occurrences of silicon rupture that causes the formation of scar tissue in the breast, if not followed can lead to conditions of changes in the form of breast accompanied by pain. Symptoms such as redness, itching, tingling and burning of numbness are reported to be the result of silicone leakage.

Instead of beautifying the shape of the breast, which happens on the contrary. In fact often also precisely trigger the occurrence of other diseases. The mindset about beautiful looks must begin to be interpreted differently for women. Is not it more beautiful to have a healthy body rather than having a pretty pseudo proportion?