Distribution and global logistics have played an important role in the growth and development of world trade. Moreover, the increasingly tight business competition in this globalization era demands the company to rearrange its strategy and business tactics especially in terms of distribution and logistics. The essence of a competition lies in how a company can implement processes from the creation of cheaper, better and faster products cheaper, better and faster to get it (cheaper, better and faster) than its business competitors. Global logistics is a design and management of a system that directs and controls the flow of ‘go-through’ materials from a company by crossing state boundaries in an effort to achieve the company’s goal of minimizing total costs. Logistics involves the integration of information, transportation, inventory, warehousing, material handling, packaging, and security. Logistics is considered a very important process, because with effective and efficient management will be one source of competitive advantage that can be created by the company. The basics of success in the competition in the market can be described in a simple model called “the triangular linkage of the company” or “the Three C’s” of customers, competition and company with the linkage between the three. Because interconnected then should not be arbitrary in choosing logistics services. Choosing the right logistics will affect the success of your company. Therefore choose El Mar Logistics.

Basically, logistics is closely related to the management of storage and also the management of moving material, goods, and also finished products from organizations such as production companies. Logistics is an important component of a production company from the delivery of raw materials or materials, then the storage of materials or finished products, to the delivery of goods to the place of sale or to the consumer directly. This market opportunity has been seen by some of the big players in the world. But with the increasing demand in the eCommerce market, the logistics industry, especially in the delivery of goods or courier services, is increasingly showing developments in the world with the emergence of new players in the market. By capitalizing mobile-based technology that allows consumers or small to medium business to use freight services for personal and business purposes.