Cleanliness is one way to do promotions, especially if it is related to business. The skyscrapers in big cities must also maintain interior and exterior cleanliness. Maintaining the cleanliness of the exterior, especially the glass part of the building, requires equipment and professional workers. Not everyone can do this work, especially for those who have fear of heights. Companies usually use building glass cleaning services that have tools and professional workers. Lavado de fachadas, Mr.Clean, has building cleaning workers who have experience in their fields. Not only that, but Mr. Clean also has equipment in accordance with work standards to avoid workplace accidents.

The fact, besides Mr. Clean, there are still many building cleaning service providers. The number of services that appear sometimes makes companies confused to choose the right service. They don’t want to lose when renting the wrong services. So, do you know the characteristics of quality glass cleaning service providers?

The first characteristic is to have a method that can be asked and accounted for. Your building is a big investment, both used as a business and residence. Because the building will be your face to show who you are to the worldwide. So, when choosing services to clean building glass, you should ask whether the method is right, effective and also safe for your property. Usually, quality service providers will use products that are environmentally friendly and safe for their workers and clients. They also facilitate the latest and effective tools so that the work environment is safe. Ensure that the company has met work safety standards and that its workers are guaranteed insurance.

Then the next feature is to have a flexible schedule. With so many of your activities, it could be that you don’t want the glass cleaning staff to work when you are in a room that is being cleaned. Or it could be the opposite where you want to see how they are doing at the same time asking lots of questions. Cleaning services should ideally work flexibly, adjusting the time to your request. So you can feel comfortable with the presence or absence of them.