Many ways to eradicate rats. However, it is better to choose a safe way and does not make a curious mouse come back into your home. One of the problems that often disrupt most of the inhabitants of the house is the mouse. Most home rats are nocturnal animals and are afraid of bright light, but it is not uncommon to find food during the day. House rats deserve to be called opportunistic omnivores because they will eat anything. If you need mouse exterminator in Surrey BC, you can contact us.

Stop feeding

Rats are at home because they enjoy the protection and food they offer. So, to eliminate it you have to store food in a sealed container and clean the house. Use a broom or a vacuum cleaner, clean all the crumbs on the floor, the sofa, under the furniture, and wherever the rest of the food is. Another thing that should not be missed is the pet’s food. This turned out to be a source of food rats.

Making the house a mouse-proof

Mouse-proofing in the house becomes useless if rats can still enter from outside. Try to walk around the exterior of your house. Find a hole, a gap, or anything else that could be a door for mice. Use a combination of coating and steel coir to cover the hole. Do not forget also to check under the roof deck. Make sure the ventilation holes have a small size (0.5 inches or less), the door is tight enough and leaves no space underneath and outside, as well as a tightly littered trash bin that lures the rats in.

Set a trap

The advantage of installing a trap is that its use can be used repeatedly. One of them is a snap or snap trap, this trap always succeeds in killing rats instantly, although sometimes we also have to finish him alone-not fun but not difficult. In addition to the conventional model mouse traps, there are now many available electric trap mice, which work with AC power, as well as with batteries. The principle works the same as snap traps. Put a trap where rats allow to gather. Fishing rod using bait can be butter or peanut butter.