There are many ways to make sure your sex is safe and free of disease. In addition to loyal or not changing couples, also always make sure that your partner does not have sexually transmitted diseases, whatever it is. However, a frequent frequency of sexual intercourse may increase your risk of contracting STDs. The reason, according to information reported by site, some people are afraid to admit that they have a sexual disease. Even the facts in the community showed only one in three people admitted that he had suffered or had had a sexual illness. Therefore, openness and honesty in sexual intercourse are very important. Where can you get a condom? Many condoms are sold in condoms stores or our official sites because we only provide the best condoms!

Another way to make love safely and healthy is to make love with a style or variation that minimizes the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. As much as possible, avoid high-risk sexual practices such as orgies, drunk-sex, and/or other sexual activities with condom stores  a sharp or violent tool that increases the risk of injury or infection. Therefore, more important is to keep yourself safe and healthy as always involve the use of condoms. It is true that condoms can not protect you completely from the risk of contracting STDs. At least, condoms can help minimize the possibility of contracting various viruses and bacteria that cause infections or sexually transmitted diseases.

Condoms are often referred to as aids for those who want to have sex safely. Condoms are like seat belts for motorists. Condoms are the most effective tool to protect you from sexually transmitted diseases regardless of their safety. Things to do is apply lubricant on the outside and inside the condom. Put a condom on an erected P-P before sex. Use the most suitable condom and make you comfortable. Use a new condom, because condoms are not used for many times. Use a special condom for vaginal, anal, and oral sex for the first time before trying a condom with a certain flavor.