Movies can indeed be a means to give a moral message to everyone. In fact, not infrequently many movies containing inspiring stories about a character or even God. Some of these movies can even make you realize that god is real and always there anytime and for anyone.

By watching some of these movies you may be more confident that God’s miracles exist and can help you solve all your problems even beyond your personal abilities.

1. Forrest Gump
With a low or below average intelligence, a man named Forrest Gump is often ridiculed by his friends. Her mother raises her with an ostentation of struggle and sacrifice. His intelligence may not be like any other child. however, it has capabilities that many people do not have. He has the ability to run fast.
The moral message of this film is that we as human beings have been given great talents by God. Each person has their own abilities. Never compare one’s ability with others because it obviously will not be the same.

2. Soul Surfer
The film tells of a female surfer who has to lose her left hand because of a shark attack. However, he does not give up and keep fighting to get on with life. He does not want to lose his way and leave his life for granted. With strong conviction and determination that God will intervene, he is able to fight the trauma and succeed in becoming champion again.
The moral message of this movie is if we believe that God is always with us, then whatever we do must be given convenience.

3. The Pursuit of Happiness
This film tells about the life of a Chris Gardner who became a homeless to become CEO of a leading company. With all the flaws he has, he never gives in to the fate that does not side with him. He has a passion and life experience that will lead him to the gates of success.
This film teaches us to have great hopes as hard as any life we ??live. Hope also that will provide an opportunity for a better life. And one important thing of all is that God is always with his struggling servant.