There are some numbers that it should not be used to put in a combination of numbers and letters on the license plate of the vehicle. But, it turns out there are some numbers that are considered to bring good luck if used in a combination number of license plate vehicles, home numbers and various dates selected as an important day. Vehicle number plates to serve as the identity of a vehicle and can be searched if the vehicle is indeed lost. The concerned party will license plate search to rediscover their vehicle.

In the midst of the many combinations of letters and numbers that are considered not to be used in a number plate, it turns out there are some numbers that are strongly recommended to be a combination. In Chinese culture, some of these numbers will bring good luck and salvation. Some of these numbers are

• Number 2. This number is considered as a symbol of balance and harmony so it is worth using as a number used in all aspects of life, whether for house numbers, plate numbers, to important celebrations.

• Number 8. In the Cantonese language, the number 8 is read as Fa, which means prosperity, good luck, success and good social status in a person. On the basis of this, most people believe that this number brings a lot of luck when used in any of their activities.
In addition, the unbroken form of number 8 is also regarded as luck, because it will make their fortune smooth and the relationship with each other will never be interrupted.

• Number 9. In Hong Kong, this number is considered a number that means full luck and success in the business world. In the country, this figure is also among the most expensive and commercial. No wonder many people use this number as their business opening date, contract signature, and are chosen as the license plate number, house number and all other aspects of life.

• Number 6. If in some countries this figure is quite avoided because it can bring bad luck and other bad things. So it is different with the Chinese community who think that this figure is their lucky number.