It’s not easy to clean the carpet of gum without making it a slight flaw.¬†low price carpet cleaning¬† However, don’t be afraid. If your carpet is exposed to chewing gum, the following tips will simplify your work when cleaning the carpet. Of course, by still protecting the surrounding fibers and cleaning the stains produced from the process. On the other hand, you may also need a trusted low price carpet cleaning, so you can be helped by the professionals with the more affordable price.

First, when you see gum sticking on the carpets you should immediately take the initiative to clean it. You certainly do not want the gum stains to be trampled so that the candy is more integrated with the carpet. Of course, you have to be careful when cleaning it. Don’t act in a hurry which will cause new problems for you.

If you clean by directly pulling and rubbing stains from the carpet, chances are the carpet will be damaged. Another way is to use peanut butter. This is a pretty extreme way. It should only be done after the first method is not successfully implemented. Things to remember, be careful when using jam, because if careless jam stains will further worsen the appearance of your carpet. Then what is the right way?

Use your fingers to polish the jam on the stain, then press and stain. The oil element in the peanut butter will make the gum stain slippery and the carpet easy to clean. If the process of cleaning gum is successful, you can use white vinegar or detergent to clean the stained peanut stains.

Some safe ways that you can do is by applying the cold and hot methods. Cold method by putting a few ice cubes in a plastic bag, then place an ice bag over the gum stain and leave it for a few minutes. The goal is for the gum to freeze and harden so that you will easily lift it from the carpet using only a butter knife.

After some candy stains have been lifted, you can use the hot method, using a hairdryer. You can melt the remaining stains so they become sticky and loose again. Just do it carefully so you won’t damage the carpets.

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