It is rather difficult to find a place to live together abroad, for example in Singapore. This is because you have to consider several factors such as security, cleanliness, strategic area, and also your budget. Therefore, you must find information about the right place so that you feel at home while living in this country. Here are some room for rent in Singapore that you can choose for your stay with friends or your partner.

1. Rio Vista Hougang

The rental fee is S$950 for a period of one year. There are several facilities available such as bathrooms, swimming pools, tennis courts and so on. This place presents a comfortable and peaceful concept that you can enjoy. If you are interested in ordering this place, you can contact 81215703.

2. Room For Female Friends

To stay at this place, the rental fee is S$ 600 for a 1-year rental period. This place is located near Tampines East Mrt. This place provides several facilities that you can get such as comfortable beds, clean rooms, and low prices. If you are interested in choosing this place as your rental room, you can contact 9483 3499.

3. Maysprings

The next place you can live with your partner is the rental room in Masprings. The rental fee is S$ 699 for a flexible stay, so you can decide for yourself when you stay. There are facilities such as swimming pools, fitness centers, steam showers and so on. The facilities of this place are quite complete.
Those are some places that you can choose to live in with your partner or partner. Some places above have facilities that complete enough to make you comfortable. Hopefully some of the places mentioned above will be the solution for you to stay in Singapore!