Hair loss treatment in women cannot be arbitrary. All forms of treatment will be done based on the cause of each person. Hair loss is usually caused by genetic factors inherited from the father or mother. This condition is called androgenetic alopecia. Hair begins to fall when the teenage years are over and the longer it will fall. In this condition, hair loss will not form the pattern of baldness on the scalp as it happens in men. In women, hair loss usually appears as hair thinning at the top of the head. If you experience this, you can visit reviews factor and find the solution to the problem.

There is also hair loss caused due to lack of nutrients such as protein deficiency due to a strict diet. In addition, hormonal imbalances, special health conditions, or errors in treating hair can also cause this condition. Regarding this, hair loss sufferers should start paying attention to their daily nutritional intake. Taking care of hair loss in this way means you have to re-examine the various things that may cause hair loss.

– Nutrition

Lack of nutrients may cause hair to become brittle and easily fall out. Hair needs a variety of nutrients and minerals to grow strong and beautiful. Protein, for example. This substance is needed to increase hair growth and strengthen the roots of every strand of hair. Keep in mind, you need adequate daily and sustained intake of nutrients. 2-3 servings of meat per day or 4-5 servings of protein (a combination of milk and added dairy products, beans) are considered sufficient to meet your needs.

– Hairdressing

Sometimes you forget that the rubber that ties the hair is too tight. In addition, do not too often allow hair exposed to hair iron, curling board, or hair dryer. Overuse of hair with tools can cause hair to become thin and fall out. One of the natural hair loss treatments is to treat the hair gently.