A female worker can look fashionable and elegant in the middle of busy in front of the computer, attending meetings, or meet clients. With a touch of fashion, they can appear in different styles with just one shirt. In the book Mode in History told, the design of special work clothes has been known since the 1800s. Is a woman named Elizabeth Smith Miller who creates a work clothing called bloomer, a knee-length loose dress worn over baggy pants. If you are looking for inspiration to appear fashionable in the office, you can visit the website of mode fashion.

However, the popularity of bloomers not so long as it gets criticism from the press. By the end of the nineteenth century, women were working more and more. They wore men’s jackets combined with matching blouses and skirts. Until now, the suit became a common model for working women even though the pieces are constantly changing. This model is also exemplified by several renowned international designers, such as Karl Lagerfeld, Yves Saint Laurent, and Paul Smith, to create a collection for working women. The suit from the classic box-shaped wool, for example, has become a Lagerfeld design that makes the fashion house Chanel famous.

Smith, who is British, is one of the designers who popularized pencil skirts, after a straight-cut skirt with a length of knee length was introduced by Christian Dior in the 1950s. With its classic model, the pencil skirt becomes one of the most fashionable outfits. In the 1980s, when the power suits of the successful businessman became popular, Saint Laurent made a suit with a box-shaped jacket, shoulders with bearing, and short skirts.

Of the various types of clothing, the suit in the form of a jacket and skirt or trousers is the most commonly used women at work. That’s because two pieces of fashion are never out of date. However, to be elegant with the suit used, Armani said, there are some things that must be considered the wearer. One of them is not too much wear accessories.