A reliable architect can certainly be seen from his portfolio. The more experienced an architect, surely his portfolio is getting richer, both in terms of quantity, and quality. How did the building forms he had designed before? Does it fit your taste? What are the building types he has ever made? If you want to find an architect to build a restaurant, of course, you need to find an experienced architect to build a restaurant. If there are so many portfolios, but they are all residential or high rise buildings and none of the restaurant projects, maybe the architect is not right for you. Similarly, if you want to build a hospital, of course, you need to hire architects who have often built a hospital, not a restaurant or mall. If you find some architects with a good portfolio that suits your taste, you may start contacting and making an appointment with them. Meanwhile, don’t forget to check out the Arquitectos en Tijuana as well.

The next step to choosing an architect is to meet them directly to see his personality. Are they people who are quiet or quiet? Are they joking or serious? Are they explosive or calm? Choose an architect with a personality that matches your personality. Remember that hiring an architect is not the same as hiring a plumber. You do not just get in touch with him for a day or two and then finish. An architectural project will take months or even years. You certainly want to work with people who have the person you love

In addition, ask the opinions of previous clients who have been served by the architect you will be renting. There is no opinion that you can trust more than the opinions of clients who previously worked with the architect. A satisfied client will be happy to give positive ratings of the architect. Similarly, a disappointed client will automatically let you down. If you already know some of the architects’ portfolio, you can try to ask your client directly. If you’ve known a client before, you’re lucky enough.