A company certainly has a variety of events that are usually made within a certain period, usually in the period of each year. A company also usually does not plan and prepare their event alone but requires corporate event planning. With corporate event planning, the event that will be their degree will run very smoothly and run perfectly.

Companies that choose to create an event will need a lot of preparation that will take up all the time and make the work of the staff is messy. For that, corporate event planning is here to help. There are some events or activities that are usually done by the company, such as

1. Seminar
This is an activity that aims to discuss a particular topic. Usually, these activities are done by the company to discuss their new product or the work they are doing. This activity usually begins with presentations and discussions by speakers followed by frequently asked questions, the active participation of the participants will be needed to make this event work more dynamically.

2. Talkshow
In this event, you will listen to the exciting chat which is light but has high information value. Talks show usually raised is about fashion, beauty, business, entertainment, and others. Not infrequently, if the event is much in demand by companies who want to promote their latest products.

3. Workshop
This event usually aims to get the participants to learn something. In this event will be presented by resource persons or professionals who will specifically guide the participants directly.

4. Social Activities
Now, many companies have been concerned about something around them. They usually do various legislation for social purposes, such as blood donation, a charity event, a visit to a nursing home or an orphanage. This activity is usually called by the company as corporate social responsibility (CSR).

5. Exhibition
The event is usually performed in a wide venue such as a hall or convention center. Many people visit an exhibit to see products exhibited by various companies.