An SEO is certainly not only used on a website but also used in a blog. Many bloggers who finally decided to use the services of SEO providers in order to increase traffic on their blogs. One of the best and qualified SEO services provider is FLORENCE SEO and Web Design EXPERTS. With the services of a good SEO, the provider will have a good impact also for you.

However, please also note that there are some SEO plugins that can be used on a blog, such as

– Yoast SEO
Yoast SEO deserves to be placed in the first place because this SEO plugin is already used by more than 5 million blog owners with the almost perfect rating. Yoast SEO has many features to facilitate SEO practices, set the indexing, sitemap, title tag modification and so forth.

– All in one SEO pack
Search engine optimization or SEO is still one of the most effective and durable methods of getting visitors, although in practice it is not as easy as imagined. For blogs with platforms or those already using their own hosting, it’s important to install SEO plugins to help implement a number of on-page techniques, such as monitoring the depth of keywords, spreads, positions, internal links and so on. Well, one of these 5 SEO plugins should be your choice (based on the number of downloads).

– The SEO framework
This plugin is downloaded by more than 40 thousand blog owners with the almost perfect rating. By default, the app automatically regulates a number of important elements in the blog for SEO purposes such as title tags, descriptions, and targeted keywords. The plugin also creates canonical URLs to prevent duplicate links and a number of Open Graph settings to maximize rankings.

– SEO Squirrly
In addition, to focus on on-page SEO techniques, the plugin also monitors some data you can not monitor manually, such as finding keywords and topics that most visitors like. The plugin also analyzes all pages and provides change recommendations to get better SEO rankings.