Black magic counter using spices are widely used as medicines before the advent of science with their presence in chemicals, drugs and medicines. Before modern science was not only two basic choices for healing – various plants with known healing and mental properties, including prayer, laying on of hands, magic and voodoo. For our purposes, we will concentrate on the healing plant world and leave the spiritual to the individual.

Black magic also can be healed with herbs that are seed-producing plants of a type that do not develop persistent woody tissue, such as shrubs or trees, but remain more or less soft or delicious (having thick or fleshy stems or leaves that can hold large amounts of water). Some common herbal examples will be catnip, chamomile, hyssop, and spearmint. Spices are one of a variety of vegetable plants that are also fragrant or aromatic and sharp for taste. Allspice, cumin, paprika and rosemary are all herbs. So herbs may also be spices, like cinnamon or mace.

Black magic can be cured with herbs and spices are dried or cured in their native environment. For example, ginger is harvested and then cleaned before it is dried and exported. Sometimes ginger also peels and sometimes ginger boiled sugar and preserved before the export. Dry cloves have not opened the flower buds of Syzygium aromaticum, a Myrtle family tree, while Piper Nigrum dried fruit pepper plants. Nutmeg is a hard, aromatic pine tree seed called Myristica fragrans. The seeds are dried and ground or grated and used as spices.

Herbs can act as astringents (something that slows or stops blood flow or other secretions), alkalinizers (something that increases pH above 7.0), acidifiers (something that lowers pH below 7.0), tonics (something that is refreshing, refreshing or strengthening) , diuretics (something that promotes urine flow), diaphoretics (something that promotes sweat), laxatives (something that encourages bowel movements) and also as nervines (something that stimulates or relaxes nerves). Many herbs act as more than one of these, such as Acacia, which has a calming or softening effect on mucous membranes, astringent effects, limiting secretions from the glands and nutritional quality as well as nutritious tissue that is applied.