Squeezing pimples or pimple pop on the face is not recommended. In addition to causing infection, it turns out acne that grows in certain areas of the face can be fatal. Dermatologists advise avoiding squeezing pimples in the “dangerous triangle” area of the face. The reason, blood vessels in the area leads to the head and directly to the brain. When the blood vessels are infected, this can affect the central nervous system and result in very bad. The risks you should face when carelessly squeezing acne in the area include loss of vision, permanent paralysis, or even in certain cases can result in death.

Danger triangle is located around the eyes, bones of the nose, both ends of the lips and upper lip. So, should avoid squeezing pimples that grow in the area. The following are some of the dangers of squeezing pimples:

1. Irritation
The first danger of the habit of squeezing your acne is that this habit can cause irritation of your skin, especially the skin of the face. These irritations can cause many negative effects and other adverse effects. The following are some of the negative effects caused by irritation due to squeezing pimples:

– Skin Wounds
– Skin feels itchy
– The skin is flushed
– Pain in the acne

The emergence of this irritation caused by germs and bacteria in the acne eventually came out because of squeezing, and the discharge of germs or bacteria will even cause irritation to your face.

2. Infection
For those of you who experience acne and also problems with freezing blood system, or for those of you who lack intake of iron and vitamins, this acne squeeze will be very vulnerable to infection in your face chart that experienced acne. After squeezing, acne may be lost and deflated, but it turns out after the acne is felt lost and deflated, even a new problem will arise, that is the possibility of infection on the face that your acne is preceding. This infection can cause germs to multiply faster, and can even enter your body through the pores of the skin and cause various health problems in your body.